Lisa Rinna Is a Marvel on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The season five Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere featured the return of RHOBH OGs as guests at Kyle's White Party. But who gives a rat about Maloof's Hoofs when we have LISA EFFING RINNA dropping lines like, "I'm an entertainer, you know. I'm an actor/entertainer. I don't know what the fuck I am, really." » 11/19/14 9:15am Wednesday 9:15am

Contestant Flubs, Recovers, Remains Pissed on The Voice

The beauty/horror of a live competition show is that anything can happen. While that mostly takes the form of either amazing or rancid belty notes, sometimes you come in two beats early, as Luke Wade did last night. And sometimes, if you're Blake Shelton, Adam Levine makes suggestive jokes about your mom. » 11/18/14 9:30am 11/18/14 9:30am

Kenya Vindicated, Apollo Admits to Lying on Real Housewives of Atlanta

With an eight-year prison sentence looming, Phaedra's husband, Apollo, must figure that things can't get much worse. And so he apologizes to Kenya for lying to everyone IN THE WORLD about her trying to get into his pants. In the words of Peter Thomas, "You know we have to apologize to this chick because we've been… » 11/17/14 9:15am 11/17/14 9:15am

The Nashville Crossover with Dancing with the Stars Nobody Wanted

While Nashville is a show that's at least in part about music, and Dancing with the Stars is a show that at least in part has music…this is weird, isn't it? And if ABC was going to insist on making it happen, couldn't they at least give us Carlton? » 11/13/14 9:45am 11/13/14 9:45am

Teresa Invites Andy Cohen to Visit Her in Jail on Real Housewives of NJ

We have finally made it to the last episode of the last reunion special of Teresa Giudice's career as a Real Housewife. And though four-fifths of Teresa regrets ever coming on this show, it's oddly reassuring to hear her tell Andy Cohen that sure, he can visit her in prison. Maybe he'll even bring "Mazel" rocks… » 11/12/14 2:10pm 11/12/14 2:10pm

What Number Do We Call to Vote Adam Levine Off The Voice?

We've reached the Live Rounds of The Voice, and if this show is a) as committed to democracy as it claims to be; b) going to start off the episode with a performance of Maroon 5's new single, then it is our constitutional right to be afforded a mechanism by which to eliminate Adam Levine. Maybe that's what the app is… » 11/11/14 9:30am 11/11/14 9:30am

Nene Shares Her Thoughts on Orgies on Real Housewives of Atlanta

So, a LOT of stuff went down with Phaedra and soon to be jailed husband Apollo on the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere. But before we get to that, let's enjoy the palate cleansing sorbet that is Nene Leakes, newly employed as Cirque de Soleil's orgy ringmaster (seriously), clarifying her position on orgies. » 11/10/14 10:30am 11/10/14 10:30am

Taylor Swift Forced to Endure John Mayer Love Song on The Voice

Given that the contestants on The Voice didn't know that Taylor Swift would be their guest mentor for the Knockout Rounds, Blessing Offor's decision to sing "Your Body Is a Wonderland" by Taylor's well-known ex probably wasn't deliberately shady. Or perhaps behind that charming smile and fantastic attitude he's… » 11/04/14 8:45am 11/04/14 8:45am

Teresa Walks Out of Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

Teresa Giudice may appear like a broken shell of a human after being sentenced to fifteen months in prison, but there's still a little fire inside. As evidence, watch her walk off set rather than engage in conversation with cousins Rosie and Kathy. Or maybe she really just wanted some gum? » 11/03/14 9:00am 11/03/14 9:00am

Pharrell Calls Scary Taylor Swift "Scary" on The Voice

If you ever noticed a particularly intense look on Taylor Swift's face, it's probably because she was busy shooting out laser beams from her eyes, or cultivating bold, hurt dejected looks to use as "sniper shots." When she passes on this apparent trick of the trade to contestant Ricky Manning, Pharrell is scared…but… » 10/29/14 9:15am 10/29/14 9:15am

Taylor Swift Is a Shockingly Competent Mentor on The Voice

Some among you may have scoffed upon hearing the news that Taylor Swift was slated to give advice to singers on a singing competition. But as it turns out she's kind of awesome, as in this clip where she nudges teenage contestant Tanner Linford ever closer to puberty simply by calling him "cute." » 10/28/14 10:01am 10/28/14 10:01am

Gwen Stefani Masters Art of the Sneak Attack Steal on The Voice

Of all of the coaches on The Voice, none has engaged in the battle rounds with as much verve and emotion as Gwen Stefani. Yes, her eyes well with tears when contestants are eliminated, but even more impressive are her stealth last-minute steals, which reached their sneaky apex last night. » 10/22/14 9:00am 10/22/14 9:00am

Family Reacts to Teresa's Sentencing on The Real Housewives of NJ

For the sake of continuity, The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale did include Dina's Project Ladybug fundraiser and shenanigans therein. But Bravo knows that we're all just in this to see the Giudices go to jail, and so we were treated to real-time reactions to their sentencing. » 10/20/14 9:15am 10/20/14 9:15am